The European economy has gradually been coming out of recession since the second half of 2013. Many European countries are having to take to bring their budgets back into balance, and which weigh on companies’ growth and profitability. On the other hand, we find that company balance sheets are quietly becoming healthy again and quite a few companies are targeting international growth markets.

In September 2012, Gimv launched its platform strategy. Focused on value creation, this states our ambition to be the reference in a number of carefully selected investment platforms. Two years later, entrepreneurs focused on innovation, internationalization and expansion are finding their way to Gimv's door. This was marked by a historically high investment activity, with Gimv entering no less than twelve new long-term partnerships with promising companies, selected as responding to a number of crucial societal challenges and long-term trends.

To finance the further expansion of the portfolio and the growth of Gimv, we are again offering our shareholders this year a stable dividend with the possibility of opting for a stock dividend. 

Koen Dejonckheere, CEO and Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman