8. Platform Strategy

Gimv's mission is to identify companies with strong growth potential, starting from its focus on four investment platforms. Each shareholding offers in its own way an answer to the challenges and needs of society, whether for consumer proximity, health care, innovative production and services, or the pursuit of sustainable mobility and living environments.

Building tomorrow's market leaders. Today.

Since the platform strategy was launched in 2012, the Gimv portfolio has undergone a significant transformation. Today the 50 shareholdings together form a promising whole with a strong dynamic.

Over the past year - in addition to expanding its existing shareholdings and 13 divestments - Gimv concluded 8 new partnerships with promising growth companies.

To achieve the future growth of these companies, we identify, case by case, the most appropriate strategic levers, with which our investment professionals and the companies' managements set to work. These levers include sustainable organic growth, buy & build, international expansion and product development.

The diagrams above show the distribution of the portfolio by platform and geography as of 31 March 2016. The portfolio, with a total value of EUR 1 013.9 million, is distributed as follows: 28% (EUR 281.5 million) in Connected Consumer, 9% (EUR 93.8 million in Health & Care, 20% (EUR 208.2 million) in Smart Industries, 15% (EUR 150.1 million) in Sustainable Cities, 21% (EUR 210.8 million) in third party funds and 7% (EUR 69.5 million) in other shareholdings.

The 'Portfolio according to geographic distribution' diagram shows that 85% of our portfolio is in our core countries, with the largest portions in Belgium (39%), France (20%) and the Netherlands (19%).